Organizational Development & HR Consultancy


  • Enhanced work performance
  • Better co-operation & goal orientation
  • Clarified responsibilities & decision making
  • Stronger motivation
  • Reduced employee fluctuation
  • More objective performance evaluation


  • Assessment and development of recruitment processes
  • Organization analysis, diagnosis
  • Creation of mission and vision
  • Developing organizational structure (job descriptions, requirements, procedures etc.)
  • Overview of operational processes
  • Establishing motivational systems
  • Establishing performance evaluation system
  • Determination of coaching and training programs needed to support the development of the organization
  • Determining follow up procedures (organizational supervising)

We believe that the organizational success always precedes the business success.

According to recent studies the low motivation, the internal conflicts, the stress and lack of creativity cause the most significant outage of revenue. These problems can be solved with the improvement of managerial behavior, as well as organizational behavior, and organizational culture.

The Organizational Coaching is an Organizational Development Method which has more emphasis on human factors than the usual method. During the procedures we work with leaders and other employees in teams and individually, hence we can better understand the behavior, procedures, formal and informal roles, norms, goals and problems of the organization.

During the change process we apply the principles of industrial and organizational psychology to ensure the smooth adaptation to the altered elements of the organizational operation.

"Actually, we don’t build business. We build people and teams and they will build the business. It doesn’t work reverse."