Clients feedback

Zoli is not only a coach who’s holding a mirror in order to promote individual development, but he’s also giving credible and useful advice. He does it with extraordinary professionalism and empathy, knowing exactly when to be ruthlessly honest and when you need support and help. Our work together has helped greatly to develop my human relationships through a better understanding of myself and also helped me to be a more credible leader. I see in him, a man who does coaching not only as a job, but as a profession.

Zoltán Németh
Schneider Electric (senior manager) Energy Prodax Plant Manager

I got into a personal coach training with many doubts. I didn’t have any experience in this process at all, but I was able to recognize that I will benefit from this in the future.
I had no regrets! We made a lot of unspoken, undefined thoughts clear. It makes a difference knowing that you are performing well on the job, not just feeling that you are!
I was completely satisfied with the personal training and this is why I had the courage to start my company’s organizational development project, which is still in progress to this day. I am excited about the outcome. Thank you for the fair and excellent job so far.

János Ludányi
Vital-Comp Ügyvitelszervező és Kereskedelmi Kft.
Executive director

I have asked Palatinus Consulting to examine the internal structure of my company, to make proposals for optimizing the operation. Palatinus Consulting made a personal competence measurement and taking that into account we have reorganized the duties and responsibilities of our managers, so that everyone is performing the tasks that are in line with their strenghts. This way the performance of my colleagues and my company has been significantly improved. I’m extremely pleased with the work of Palatinus Consulting, they are a partner who I certainly recommend any time.

Viktória Havasi
Maxsys Kft.
Executive director

With Zoltan the work is constructive and effective! Beyond the problems of organizational structure he’s also helping CEOs to solve the occurring complex problems caused by the constant overwork, by modifying the approach of management. He has multiple complementary qualifications and the ‘real life’ experiences obtained at other companies which make him a very credible adviser in his role. At the end of the gruelling work together there are always issues that have emerged or new ideas, that makes it all worth it after all.

Gábor Pintér
CEO, owner
Ventil Épületgépészeti Kft.

Palatinus Zoltan is a great coach and psychologist, so he can ‘see through’ the man. Fortunately, each week we are lucky enough to listen to his clever thoughts (at least 30 of us without a sound coming out), from which we have profited already in the long run for both our shop and our private lives.

Andrea Turcsanyi
TWINS Travel

The training was very focused and collected for me. I often recieved novel answers to the questions raised or answers that were unknown to me. It was very helpful.

CYEB Energiakereskedo Kft.
Strategy and Increase of Organizational Efficiency training

I would like to attend more of these trainings! Personally I asked for help and got it from the trainers. They were able, kind and sympathetic to me.

Judit Kiraly
Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg Megyei Gyermekvedelmi Kozpont Tiszadob
Problemafeldolgozo trening neveloknek es pszihologusoknak

I would like to give feedback on our second training! Students unanimously enjoyed the training because they think it was more personal and more practical than the first one and they considered it useful and very interesting! They would like to continue on this image with many many practical examples!

Monika Pall
Regular fundraising leader
UNICEF Hungary

After several team development and executive coaching projects I can say that our cooperation has been effective in all cases and had a positive impact on the company’s performance.

Viktor Szanto
Executive director
ALD Automotive Hungary Kft.

For the past three years Zoltan has held several trainings for the employees of our plant, from management level to ’reach the sky’ level. We were satisfied with his work and his attitude at all time, thus significantly contributed to the succesful operation of the company. He’s a popular and beloved trainer among our employees. Our employees find the training to be useful, interesting and varied based on the feedback. He is creative, and has a serious expectation towards himself on professional line. Effectively, it is easy to work together with Zoltan.

Agota Biro
HR manager
MAV Vasjarmu Kft.

I got to know your coaching activity. To me, as a newly appointed manager our collaboration it has helped a lot and I’m very happy to recommend it to everyone. I consider it important that our leaders take part in such discussions, because it proves to be a good compass for the efficient resolution of our everyday and economic situations.

Peter Steiner
Saubermacher Hungary Kft.

If you would like to develop your leadership at work while you intend to make your everydays and private life more efficient and effective, than you are in the right place! I get accurate but also energetic, honest, personalized and constructive coaching from Zoli so I bravely recommend him to everyone!

Gyorgy Hans