Individual counselling

  • Marriage and other relationship counselling
  • Solving emotional and everyday problems
  • Stress management
  • Career guidance and planning
  • Intercultural coaching for international expats

We all have fixed behavioral and thought patterns. On one hand these patterns help us to become successful, but on the other hand they inadvertently create our problems and obstacles. Some people wish to enhance their love for their spouse or partner, or develop their family relationships, or would simply like to find a partner. Then there are people who would like to find and determine their life goals; while others would like to lose weight and lead a healthy way of life. Many people also seek balance or simply wish to be happy and successful in their lives.

It is inevitable that in some aspects of our life’s, we will all encounter challenges. We want to move forward, but we do not know how. We can see the symptom, whereas we cannot determine what causes it.

Why is it so? Because we are part of the problem. It is in us and part of our personality. It cannot be seen or recognized from our own perspective; hence, we cannot solve it on our own.

We are emotionally concerned by, certain situations and the potential outcomes, relationships with people who form part of our lives, and often by our personal desires and needs. This can result in a particular perception of reality linked to these emotions and desires.

In addition, we habitually find that the perception of others (of ourselves), forms part of our own reality.

Consequently, we may live and believe in a form of reality that only exists in our mind; and when we make decisions according to this reality, we inevitably find ourselves in a cul-de-sac.

How can I help you as an expert? I can externally view and evaluate the problems and by building on the recognized reality, help find the best solution in conjunction with my client. As part of my counselling I use the methods of modern applied psychology, which include cognitive-behavioral therapy, positive psychology, MBSR, and MBCT.