Leadership coaching

  • Problem solving
  • Leadership efficiency development
  • Delegation & communication
  • Confrontation & conflict management
  • Stress management & emotional intelligence development

"Leaders who don’t spend money and time for personal development, are like farmers who don’t spend money for sowing seeds and tools, just focus on harvest without these." (Dr. Henry Cloud PHD)

Organizational and Industrial Psychology research shows that leaders who are involved in personal consulting and coaching, are more successful, balanced and conscious, than those who did not take time and money to do so.

This is due to:

- The leader can easily become mentally isolated or at least partly isolated in his work environment, because of his position. He can’t share every problems and dilemmas with his team members, so the probability of faulty decisions is higher.

- As his colleges are existentially dependent on him, he gets few feedbacks from his environment and therefore he is less able to spot the false, but completely routine operations and decisions about himself.

- In several cases we aren’t able to see our individual or our own organization’s problems clearly and independently, because we are often part of these problems. The fundamental added value of an external consultant, is to see the situation from a different and independent point of view.

In our individual coaching programs, we help leaders by utilizing the methods of modern applied psychology and organizational/industrial psychology (including Existential Psychology, Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness etc.), to achieve the targeted individual and organizational success.