Corporate training

Similar to sports, the competencies necessary for success in business, cannot be learnt from books.

For example, if we learn the principles of skiing at home in a warm room, we still won’t be successful on the ski slope. We need a professional who will help us to practice, to understand, to experience and to effectively apply the principles in the environment where they are to be used.

Corporate and business training (and coaching) is designed in a similar fashion: to practice the principles in a specific area, to acquire experiences and understand the things that in theory we may already know; but on the other hand, may not have yet heard or have already forgotten.

The trainer (coach) sees us from the outside, and is able to spot the things that are not visible to us from the inside, because of our emotional involvement or habits. According to this approach the trainer can provide the appropriate feedback and response, which in turn will help generate real, meaningful change.

As part of a complex organizational development strategy, together with the appropriate training and coaching programs that are designed to address our specific situation; an envisaged significant, measurable marketing growth can be achieved.

Together with partners and future associates, the first step on our part is to assess the real situation; using interviews, questionnaires and psychometric tests where required.

We then design a specific, tailor-made development package, based upon the results of the survey; which includes the development of a customized training program.

The foundation of our development and training programs, most often comprise of the various listed deficiencies, that manifest during the organizational development review process.

We can also develop “blended learning” programs that provide online materials, additional tests, tasks to be completed between modules/workshops, as well as the inclusion of skype assistance and reporting.

Employee training:

  • development of communication and cooperation
  • workplace conflict resolution and stress management
  • team building
  • professional sales techniques
  • presentation techniques in practice
  • key account management
  • customer service training
  • project management
  • intercultural communication

Management Training workshops

  • Sales management training
  • structure of the effective organization and management
  • communication and negotiation for managers
  • managerial time management and personal strategy
  • managerial motivation training