Zoltan Palatinus

Professional fields:

  • Organizational development
  • Leadership consulting and coaching
  • Personal development and counselling
  • Intercultural coaching

Zoltan is an expert in applied psychology (MA, BA), and gained extensive experience in individual counselling, coaching, leadership consulting, organizational development and performance management.

His tertiary studies encompassed: business administration, management methodology, sales, leadership training, coaching, intercultural communication and project management, in the USA (San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago), Germany, Austria and Czech Republic.

Zoltan’s humanitarian work included working with disadvantaged youth and young adults for 4 years; during which period he was successful in helping these people to find solutions to their problems, as part of their in their treatment for alcohol and drug use. In addition to this he assisted people affected with mental health disorders and social problems.

As a consultant, he has worked with corporate organizations, business leaders, institutional role-players, and leadership teams since 1998.

In his spare time, he reads books, plays golf, takes dance lessons and travels.

Clients feedback

I got into a personal coach training with many doubts. I didn’t have any experience in this process at all, but I was able to recognize that I will benefit from this in the future.
I had no regrets! We made a lot of unspoken, undefined thoughts clear. It makes a difference knowing that you are performing well on the job, not just feeling that you are!
I was completely satisfied with the personal training and this is why I had the courage to start my company’s organizational development project, which is still in progress to this day. I am excited about the outcome. Thank you for the fair and excellent job so far.

Ludányi János
Vital-Comp Ügyvitelszervező és Kereskedelmi Kft.
Executive director

I would like to give feedback on our second training! Students unanimously enjoyed the training because they think it was more personal and more practical than the first one and they considered it useful and very interesting! They would like to continue on this image with many many practical examples!

Pall Monika
Regular fundraising leader
UNICEF Hungary

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