I have established Palatinius Consulting in 2011.

I am dealing with the development and consulting of individuals and enterprises for more than a decade.

I have helped companies and private individuals to achieve their personal and business goals and to improve their career and human relations through hundreds of hours of coaching, personal development and various training programs.

My vision is more and more people around the world who have stable self-knowledge and life vision, who reach well defined goals and establish well-functioning relationships, organizations and businesses which lead to a better, more inspiring, colorful and more enjoyable world.


My mission in Consultancy is to inspire companies and individuals in their lifes to recognize the growth and development needed, to promote and support the changes based on it, as well as assist in the maintenance of changes and widen their awareness.

”The external growth and success is always determined by the internal events that take place in humans. Success is thus not primarily depending on what happens to us, but what happens inside us in result of what happens to us. It determines the reactivity of our specific situation.

The thinking, behavioral and response patterns  that we brought with ourselves, often hinder us from achieving our goals, and design a happier life. However, these samples usually can’t be recognized from the inside because they are dynamic, and so there is no benchmark for us. We can only feel that we are not doing something well from the results and the consequences .

The added value of the adviser is that he sees what’s going on from the outside as a professional, and he has real points of reference, based on psychological and interpersonal legislations.” 

Clients feedback

If you would like to develop your leadership at work while you intend to make your everydays and private life more efficient and effective, than you are in the right place! I get accurate but also energetic, honest, personalized and constructive coaching from Zoli so I bravely recommend him to everyone!

Hans Gyorgy

Palatinus Zoltan is a great coach and psychologist, so he can ‘see through’ the man. Fortunately, each week we are lucky enough to listen to his clever thoughts (at least 30 of us without a sound coming out), from which we have profited already in the long run for both our shop and our private lives.

Turcsanyi Andrea
TWINS Travel

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